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19th July, 2013

The Fresh Produce Report

Know the very latest information on the state of the fresh produce market. What are the best buys and why, plus we will discuss the industry dynamics that have an impact on the price you pay in store!

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Welcome to the Food Marketplace Fresh Food Report

Please be aware that the sale price of fresh produce can change at any time! We will update this report fortnightly at a minimum and as changes occur in both local and national fresh produce markets. 

Sydney. Friday 19th July, 2013.

Some tasty winter produce will creep up in price this weekend and into next week – but don’t worry, they’ll still be great buying. And for those cold winter evenings, paying a little extra for some tasty seasonal vegies is more than worth it!

See below for a full run down of what to look out for this week – don’t forget to check out my recommended winter superfoods!

Strawberries have been very steady buying over the past few weeks with little change in price. However, due to rain in southern Queensland keep a close eye on price. This tasty fruit is delicious eating at this time of year, so demand should be strong. Be prepared for strawberries to increase in price by around 10% early next week. The rain that Queensland is now getting may shorten-up supply just enough to raise the price.






Celery has been great buying over the past few months, but this trend is set to change. Celery price is set to increase by around 25% on the back of cold weather in Victoria slowing its growth rate, resulting in less supply. Even with its price increase celery will still be great value






Imperial Mandarins
Imperial mandarins have all but finished their season. The good news is there are other sweet varieties currently in full swing. Hickson mandarins and Monarch mandarins are on market floors nationally and will be great buying as we head into the coming weekend and next week.. These juicy lunchbox sized fruits are the perfect healthy snackl Be on the lookout, your local fresh food retailer may even have these on special, so fill your basket – yum.







Apple season is in full swing and there is no shortage in supply! Fron Pink Lady, to Gala, to Granny Smith, to Jazz, the list goes on. Now is apple season and there is definitely no shortage of choice, you can't go wrong. See your local fresh food retailer for a great deal today.







Cauliflower will push up in price by as much as 20 per cent over the next seven days on the back of shorter supply out of Victoria, due to the winter season. 

Take advantage now and make yourself some delicious hot creamy cauliflower soup to keep you warm during the chilly winter afternoons. 






There has been no shortage of tomatoes for the past month and the next seven days will be no different. As a matter of fact, look for tomatoes to ease in price over the weekend by a further 10% on the back of huge volumes of stock being supplied to all markets nationally. Towards the end of next week it's expected even greater volumes of stocks will arrive on market floors around the country, having a further push-down effect on price.

Roma tomatoes are no different compared to gourmet tomatoes, as there will continue to be great buys over the next week.







Broccoli has been priced to buy over the past month, however be aware it will begin to creep up in price by around 20% over the weekend and early next week. This is due to less stocks on market floors nationally because of the winter weather. That being said, broccoli will still be fantastic buying!

Queensland broccoli is really hitting its peak as far as quality is concerned and you will find that broccoli from Queensland will be selling at a higher retail price than its Victorian counterpart. I expect Queensland broccoli to maintain a higher retail price in comparison to Victorian broccoli.

Broccoli is exceptionally high in key antioxidants as well as a number of vitamins and minerals. Add to as many vegetable dishes and stir fries as you can this winter. {Superfood}





Sweet Potato
Sweet potato price has been holding steady for the past fortnight and this will continue well into next week. It's terrific buying at present and consumers should take full advantage of its current price point. This potato contains beta-carotene which helps support a healthy immune system – which we all need during flu season! It also contains high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. {Superfood}







Corn has been very steady buying over the past few weeks and I do not expect this trend to change over the next seven days.  The cold weather has definitely increased the demand for this delicious vegetable and its quality at present is excellent. There is enough stock to satisfy demand, so be sure to add it to your shopping basket. 

Happy Shopping,

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